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Dust removal equipment

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  • Pulse bag filter with air box
  • Classification:Dust removal equipment  Clicks:37  Release date:2019-03-11
  • Pulse bag filter with air box
  • I. overview

    JXD Series Pulse Bag Precipitator is a new type of high-efficiency bag filter developed by our company on the basis of introducing the technology of Fule Company in the United States and absorbing the technical advantages of similar products from Germany. It combines the advantages of chamber back-blowing and jet pulse bag filter to overcome the shortage of kinetic energy of chamber back-blowing, and the impulse dust-cleaning and filtering are simultaneously advanced. The defect of the line enlarges the application scope of the bag dust removal equipment. This product combines the essence of similar products at home and abroad, and combines with our environmental protection patent technology, effectively improves the dust removal efficiency and operational reliability of the air box pulse bag filter, prolongs the service life of the filter bag, reduces the labor intensity of the operators, and becomes the best partner of the enterprise to protect the environment.

    JXD Series Pulse Bag Dust Precipitator is serving foundry, metallurgy, machinery, power, building materials, ore, cement, chemical industry and other industries with its excellent performance. It is doing its best to remove dust pollution and maintain the good image of the enterprise.

    II. Product Characteristics

    1. Suitable for high-efficiency concentration dedusting, such as O-Sepa separator, whose gas dust concentration in grinding system is up to 1000g/Nm3. JXD pulse deduster series can be directly processed without setting up first-class dedusting equipment such as cyclone deduster.

    2. Using off-line ash cleaning technology to separate chamber back-blown pulse ash cleaning not only avoids the phenomenon of "re-adsorption" of dust generated by on-line dust cleaning, but also does not affect the normal and continuous operation of equipment operating conditions, improves the effect of ash cleaning and prolongs the service life of filter bags.

    3. The patent technology of "filter bag self-locking sealing device" has been adopted to improve the sealing between the equipment and the filter bag and the dust removal efficiency.

    4. The air box structure is adopted in the equipment, which reduces the local resistance of the equipment and eliminates the inconvenience of installing filter bags.

    5. Electromagnetic pulse valve adopts double diaphragm structure, which has the advantages of sensitive control, high efficiency and long service life.

    6. The filter bag is made of our high-tech product, microporous membrane composite filter material. It can not only improve the air speed of the filter and reduce the resistance of the equipment, but also avoid the phenomenon that the dust sticks to the filter bag and is not easy to remove due to dew. It is especially suitable for high temperature and humidity dust removal of dusty gas, such as cement, electricity and other industries.

    III. Equipment Structure

    JXD pulse bag filter is mainly composed of bottom steel structure, ash hopper, upper box body, air inlet and outlet, filter bag, ash cleaning device and electrical control. In addition, according to the actual situation, the outer wall of the ash hopper can be equipped with a warehouse wall vibrator, and the ash hopper outlet can be equipped with a star-shaped ash unloading valve or a screw conveyor and other ash unloading devices.

    The equipment structure is as follows:

    4. Working Principle

    1. Filtration Principle

    Dusty gas enters through the air inlet. When passing through the ash hopper, some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertia force and fall directly into the bottom of the ash hopper. Dusty gas enters the filter bag filter area of the middle box after passing through the dust bucket. The gas passes through the filter bag, and the dust is blocked on the outside surface of the filter bag. After the purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth, it is discharged from the outlet.

    2. Dust Cleaning Principle

    With the extension of the filtering time, the dust layer on the filter bag keeps thickening, and the resistance of the dust removal equipment keeps rising. When the resistance of the equipment rises to a set value, the dust removal device starts to clean the dust. Firstly, a compartment hoist valve closes and cuts off the filtered gas. Then the electromagnetic pulse valve opens. The compressed air expands rapidly in the upper chamber in a very short time of talking with each other. The dust flowing into the outside surface of the filter bag is peeled off and falls into the ash bucket. After cleaning, the solenoid pulse valve closes and the lifting valve opens, and the chamber resumes its filtering state. Cleaning chambers are carried out sequentially, from the first chamber to the next one, which is a cycle of cleaning.

    3. Dust Collection

    After filtering and cleaning, all the dust that is intercepted falls into the ash bucket and is discharged centrally by the ash bucket.

    V. Electrical Control

    1. Cleaning control mode

    JXD series air box pulse bag filter usually adopts timing control method and fixed resistance control method.

    Timing method is to clear the ash room by room according to the time level set.

    Fixed resistance method is based on the control of the pressure difference inside and outside the filter bag. The signal from the differential pressure transmitter is passed through the electrical control device, and the room-by-room ash cleaning is carried out according to the set procedure.

    2. Functions of Electrical Control Devices

    JXD pulse bag filter with air box adopts single chip computer to centralize control, which can be divided into automatic and manual ways. Manual control is used in debugging and equipment overhaul, and automatic control is used in normal operation of equipment.

    3. Operating methods

    (1) Boot-up operation

    Check the electrical wiring, close the power switch after the differential pressure transmitter, and wait for the fan to run, the feedback signal enters, the equipment will start to run.

    (2) Pulse ash removal

    Pulse ash cleaning adopts automatic control mode. When the switch on the pulse controller is pointed to Demand, the fixed resistance method is used to clear the ash, and the upper and lower pressure difference limit is set by the red pointer on the meter. When the resistance of the device exceeds the upper limit, the pulse injection starts to operate.

    (3) Ash discharge control

    Dust discharge can be done manually or automatically. When manual operation is adopted, press the "ash discharge operation" button on the control cabinet to start the ash discharge, and press the "ash discharge stop" button to stop the ash discharge.

    Types and specifications

    JXD-N * S-A

    JXD series air box pulse bag filter series is divided into two forms: A and B. According to the actual needs of users, JXD pulse bag filter can also form non-standard equipment.

    [Model and Technical Parameter Table]

    Table 1: Technical performance parameters of JQM32 and JQM64 off-line pulse bag filter

    Table 2: Technical performance parameter table of JQM96 off-line pulse bag filterblob.png
    Table 3: Technical performance parameter table of JQM128 off-line pulse bag filterblob.png

    Note: 1. The net filter area in the table refers to the filter area when a room is cleaned.

    2. Gas consumption in the table refers to the situation of air supply in the factory. If a separate air compressor is installed, the gas consumption in the table should be multiplied by 1.3 coefficient.

    3. The air volume in the table is calculated when the gross filtration wind speed is 1.2m/min. It is only used for the selection of the type according to the air volume marked in the table when the dust concentration at the user's dust source point is less than 200g/m3 (standard) and the net filtration wind speed is unknown.

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