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  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
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  • Zhu shunming's jeddah dream ii
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:45  Classification:Company News
  • Entrepreneurship is the best stage to achieve dreams

    To realize the dream of making the best powder concentrator in China, zhu shunming clearly realized that he must embark on the road of self-employment.

    In fact, at this time zhu shunming has been fully equipped with the ability to start their own business.

    In 2005, with the dream of making the best powder concentrator in China, zhu shunming formally applied to the industrial and commercial department of yancheng city to establish yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD.

    From the perspective of economic conditions, zhu shunming started his business with no capital and no market. But from the point of view of intelligence and technical conditions, zhu shunming is full of information, he firmly believes that he has the technical expertise and innovative thinking, will make China's best powder separator.

    With the full support of friends and suppliers, zhu shunming rented yancheng building materials machinery co., ltd. in the form of contract operation, which was the first step of his business. Our country executes, he thought, after the new standard, cement 黂 circle flow transformation will become the inevitable trend in the cement industry technology upgrade, will become a hot spot for the modification of the cement 黂 machine. Based on this understanding, zhu shunming began to focus on the development of high fine and high yield milling machines.

    Shun-ming zhu absorbed in the introduction of Denmark Smith choose powder technology, on the basis of the aircraft aerodynamic analysis method with the domestic famous universities and research institutes jointly developed, finally developed the efficient vortex classifier and JD mill in screening technology, make the material efficiency up to 90% above, cement mixed materials more over 10%, yield increased by more than 25%, the cement particle size distribution is more reasonable, especially for high quality cement production.

    This kind of product and technology that belong to independent intellectual property right completely, get the approbate of numerous cement enterprise as soon as put into the market. After using this kind of technology and equipment to transform the mill system, the cement enterprises have received unexpected results, and the economic and social benefits have been improved greatly. It is no exaggeration to say that the powder separator developed and produced by zhu shunming is an ideal equipment for the development of China's cement industry and the world's cement industry. It's the right medicine for the right problem.

    As a result, zhu shunming and his yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. rose to fame in the cement industry, and orders poured in. Zhu shunming also became a busy man, rushing about all day between the clients of the whole country, became the bosom friend of cement enterprise.

    The SEPAX high-efficiency eddy current separator developed and manufactured by zhu shunming has become a hot commodity in the market and is favored by more and more cement enterprises, mainly due to its superior performance and super energy-saving and emission reduction effect. In summary, the equipment and technology have eight advantages. First, the classifier classification principle is advanced; Second, good performance and high efficiency; Third, the energy saving effect is remarkable; Fourth, fineness adjustment is easy; Fifth, powder selection ability; Six is the adaptation performance is strong; Seven is the service life is long; Eight is the improvement cement quality function obvious.

    As the saying goes: a fresh move, eat all day. Shun-ming zhu developed vortex classifier can do this effectively because of the obvious advantages, can only be getting more and more users of affirmation and praise, so that enterprises develop rapidly, in the fierce market competition, the best, the product not only enjoys a high reputation in the domestic cement enterprises, but also exported to Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other more than 20 countries and regions.

    Under the leadership of zhu shunming, yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. has grown from nothing and from small to large, rising in the cement machinery manufacturing industry in China in just five years. It has rapidly grown into one of the most influential enterprises in China's building materials machinery industry, and has become one of the top ten enterprises in the field of science and technology in the building materials industry. Its leading product powder separator sold well throughout the country, becoming the preferred brand of many cement enterprises' technical transformation.

    Zhu shun understood that the hand started, with only a year to have their own industrial park, his dream to make China's best powder separator here is step by step to achieve.

    Entrepreneurship makes dreams come true, and dreams lead development. These have been confirmed in zhu shunming's body.

    But zhu, who has grown up in a market economy, is not satisfied with what he has achieved. 'these achievements represent only the past,' he told reporters. 'in the future, we must keep pace with The Times and constantly climb new heights.'

    This is what zhu shunming said and did.