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  • Zhu shunming: making powder selecting machine with craftsman
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:78  Classification:Company News
  • Companies often refer to users as "gods" because "gods" dominate the market. Especially in the market economy, the rise and fall of an enterprise is often not the boss's decision, but the user's decision. Then, let's listen to an evaluation from Chen changqing, chairman of tianzhu new building materials company in huaibei city, anhui province:

    "We firmly choose the powder separator manufactured by jiangsu yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Although the price is more than 200,000 yuan higher than that of a similar product on the market at present, we still choose jida powder separator in the end. We don't buy what is cheap but buy what is expensive. It is not that we have too much money to spend, but that we have taken a fancy to the character of zhu shunming, the boss of jeddah company, in our dealings with him. I believe that there is such a good character of the people, the production of products must be satisfied, rest assured.

    1, ambition from spirituality -- from apprentice to chief engineer

    It was five years ago that I first met zhu shunming, chairman and general manager of jiangsu yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Five years ago, the 20th anniversary celebration of China building materials news was held in the great hall of the people in Beijing. As the secretary general of the celebration conference, the reporter received the enterprise representative from the old revolutionary base area of yancheng. Zhu shunming's gentle demeanor and natural and easy temperament, left a deep impression on the reporter.

    Soon after, the reporter had the honor to visit yancheng, naturally not to zhu shunming led yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD to visit. In this way, not only to zhu shunming and his enterprise have more understanding, the two also became bosom friends. In April this year, the qingming festival just passed, the reporter rushed to yancheng. Did not expect, just a year did not come to yancheng, yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co. A completely rely on their own strength to build a magnificent beautiful industrial park in front of the reporter. The reporter can not help but sigh: "good a zhu shunming, so big of action, incredibly in advance didn't reveal any mouth breeze."

    The industrial park is located in the high-tech development zone of tinghu district, yancheng city, covering an area of about 30 mu. The 2,600-square-meter novel four-story office building stands out. More than 10,000 square meters of monomer huge steel structure plant is located in the center of the industrial park, this is so far to see the reporter in the building materials machinery manufacturing industry monomer large, spectacular plant. Throughout the industrial park, green Spaces are flourishing, flowers are blooming, trees are lined and roads are clean and tidy.

    Wandering around this beautiful modern industrial park, your correspondent's mind wanders. On the one hand for zhu shunming in just a few years to achieve great results feel heartfelt happy; On the other hand, the reporter is thinking about this question: zhu shunming started from an ordinary apprentice, what did he rely on to achieve such great achievements in his life? Think about it, all this stems from his spirit of mechanical manufacturing and the cause of persistent pursuit and love.

    In August 1970, zhu shunming was born into an ordinary peasant family in yancheng, jiangsu province. Under the words and deeds of his parents, not only cultivated his honesty, kindness and integrity, but also made him develop a good habit of being industrious, studious and hands-on. Due to family circumstances and other reasons, zhu shunming graduated from high school in 1988 and became an apprentice in yancheng power transformer factory. Clever, the zhu shunming that has inborn intelligence to machinery enters a factory to meet the teacher that lets him benefit for life fortunately.

    The master, ji bing, was an old engineer in the factory. Having played guerrilla warfare in the war years, master ji relied entirely on his own experience in practice. With solid theoretical and practical foundation, he was fully responsible for the design and manufacturing of transformer plant equipment. When he found that zhu shunming was not only clever, diligent and studious, but also practical and willing to work and not afraid of hardship, he fell in love with the little student of peasant origin and wished to teach him all his skills. Zhu shunming also understood his master's love and care and studied and studied technology more assiduously. Soon he became the right-hand man of ji bing master and became the young technical leader in the factory. In order to make zhu shunming grow up as soon as possible, his master often taught him that he must pay attention to the accumulation of technology at ordinary times, draw inferences from each other, use his brain frequently, have a word of "understanding", and keep on learning. Only in this way can he innovate and develop.

    Zhu shunming regarded these teachings of his master as his motto of life struggle and work. He worked hard and constantly improved his technical level in practice, and made rapid progress in technology. In order to make this potential apprentice can have greater improvement and development, under the recommendation of ji bing master, the factory sent zhu shunming to yancheng vocational and technical college for senior technician training, to receive comprehensive and systematic theoretical and practical training. Zhu shunming, 18, was the first in his class in every exam despite his young age in the college. He regarded his further study in the college as a rare learning opportunity and finished all the undergraduate textbooks eagerly. Due to his excellent performance and strong practical ability, he won the first place and became the youngest champion in the skill competition of yancheng region organized by the college with an unsurpassed leading edge. After two years of further study, zhu shunming was awarded the title of "grade 10 senior locksmith technician" by the college with excellent performance in the graduation examination, and became the junior grade 10 locksmith in the country at that time. What's more, these two years' learning experience has laid a solid foundation for zhu shun's scientific and technological innovation after tomorrow. It has also enabled him to transform equipment maintenance and repair from the past into equipment transformation plus innovative design and manufacturing.

    In 1995, due to work transfer, zhu shunming went to work in yancheng cement factory and began to contact the cement industry. This job change is a crucial step in zhu shunming's life, which lays a very solid foundation for him to play his role in the field of cement machinery and equipment in the future.

    To cement factory work, zhu shunming first to the production line as a shift of equipment maintenance. At that time, zhu shunming regarded the maintenance of cement equipment as a sacred mission. In order to ensure the operation rate of the cement equipment, he quickly found out the operation of the equipment, and knew the cement equipment of each system thoroughly. He could also know the equipment of any part with his eyes closed. Zhu shunming was not limited to the maintenance of equipment. He also became interested in the whole mechanical equipment system and technical process of the cement plant. After painstaking research and constant exploration in practice, he gradually became an expert in this field. In the big competition among all technical workers held in the cement factory in that year, zhu shunming was awarded the first place for his comprehensive technology and comprehensive score, and was awarded the title of "technical expert of the whole factory". In the second year, he passed the comprehensive evaluation and was hired as a worker technician. Due to zhu shunming's outstanding performance and technical level, he was soon promoted to workshop technician, branch plant technician and company technician by the cement factory, which enabled him to further systematically and comprehensively contact cement machinery and equipment and cement technology, and to carry out technical transformation and equipment innovation.

    Zhu shunming's achievements in cement machinery and equipment were not only quickly recognized by cement factories, but also attracted the attention of cement machinery and equipment enterprises. In 2000, yancheng cement machinery and equipment industry was booming. Zhu shunming was taken a fancy by a private building materials machinery and equipment enterprise and was hired as the chief technical engineer to take charge of product development and manufacturing. At this time, zhu shunming completed his transition from apprentice to chief engineer and took another solid step on the road of life.

    During this period, China is about to implement a new standard of cement. In order to adapt to the implementation of the new standard of cement, the field of cement machinery and equipment ushered in the never had the opportunity for development, a large number of cement machinery and equipment enterprises have been launched for the implementation of the new standard of cement new products and equipment, powder separator is one of them. Based on zhu shunming's years of understanding and understanding of cement equipment and cement technology, he believes that the best solution to the current cement enterprises due to the lack of cement fineness caused by mill output decline, power consumption increased significantly. Therefore, zhu shunming concentrated all his energy on the research of the powder separator. He firmly believes that the wisdom and creativity of the Chinese people is no worse than that of foreigners, to revitalize China's national industry, determined to make China's best powder selecting machine, and take it as a sense of national responsibility to treat, become a struggle for it, the dream of fighting.

    2. Entrepreneurship makes dreams come true -- craftsman spirit makes China's high-quality powder selecting machine

    It is out of this national self-confidence and sense of national responsibility that zhu shunming started his own business in 2005 and established his own company -- yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD.

    Zhu shunming founded yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. in the case of no capital, no place to start. But he firmly believes that with his technical accumulation and innovative thinking, he will surely make a career in the field of cement grinding that he loves and is familiar with, and will certainly make the powder separator that makes Chinese people proud.

    With the full support of friends and suppliers, zhu shunming rented the yancheng machine parts company in the form of contracting operation and paying management fees, which not only supported some employees of the enterprise, but also enriched a group of workers with technical and practical experience for his own enterprise.

    Yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD., founded by zhu shunming, has been very clear about its positioning since the beginning of its business. It is specialized in researching, manufacturing and developing urgently needed mechanical equipment for technical transformation of cement grinding system.

    Zhu shunming believes that after the implementation of the new standard in China, the transformation of the mill coil flow will become the inevitable development trend of the cement industry's technical upgrading. The high fineness and high yield mill system developed by zhu shunming is the latest scientific and technological product jointly developed by the company and domestic famous universities and research institutes on the basis of introducing and absorbing the high-efficiency powder selecting technology of Denmark Smith company and adopting the method of aero aerodynamics analysis. Its SEPAX high-efficiency eddy current separator and JD mill internal screening technology make the efficiency of powder selection up to more than 90%, cement mixed with more than 10% of the mixture, increase the output by more than 25%, cement specific surface area by 50%.

    This kind of technology and equipment, which belongs to independent intellectual property rights completely, has been recognized by many cement enterprises once put into use. After using this technology and equipment to transform the mill system, the cement enterprises have received unexpected and ideal results. It can be said that the powder separator developed and produced by yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is an ideal equipment suitable for China's cement industry and the world's cement industry.

    Soon, yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. became famous among cement enterprises nationwide, and orders began pouring in. Zhu shunming also became a busy man, running around all day between the north and south customers. Through practice, he presided over the development and production of high-efficiency powder selection technology and equipment, in the use of continuous good news, achieved very ideal effect.

    Reporters learned in the interview, yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD., the manufacture of the powder separator has excellent quality, mainly due to the company in the powder separator r & d innovation of professional standards. Since its establishment, the company has taken making powder selecting machine with craftsman spirit as the foundation of the company, and creating the ideal kingdom of powder selecting machine as the highest pursuit and sacred mission of the enterprise. Zhu shunming is not only an expert with profound attainments in domestic powder selecting machine manufacturing, but also an expert in cement technology. The company has always been able to proactively carry out scientific and technological innovation according to the general requirements of the development of the cement industry and technical progress, increase the technical content of products, so that their products in the energy saving and emission reduction in the cement industry.

    Yancheng jeddah machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Manufacture of classifier is because has significant advantages, was able to get the user's affirmation and praise continuously, make the enterprise in the fierce market competition is always the best, the product not only enjoys a high reputation in the domestic cement enterprises, but also exported to Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other more than 10 countries and regions.

    Entrepreneurship, finally made zhu shunming determined to make China's best powder concentrator dream, but also led by his yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. has been recognized and praised within and outside the industry, China's building materials machinery equipment industry has become one of the most influential and competitive enterprises.

    3, the integrity of the brilliant cast - "god" is certainly a real success

    In this world, those who can make achievements in their careers or make contributions to society are mostly those who have noble moral sentiments and excellent character and learning. Business is no exception. People with noble moral character and excellent moral character and knowledge can not only get things done down-to-earth, but also be honest and trustworthy. People are willing to deal with such people and they are more likely to succeed.

    Zhu shunming is a person with noble moral sentiment, modern consciousness and excellent character and learning. Therefore, he runs the enterprise to do the prosperous fire, does the product to do strives for perfection. All those who came into contact with him benefited from it, and gave a firm feeling of confidence that they would not only deal with him, but also make friends with him. Thus it can be seen that good faith is more important in the business war. In a certain sense, to be an enterprise, good faith is the product, and good faith makes brilliance.

    The beginning of the article in this paper, the sound of a "god", is a reporter on April 8 in yancheng jeddah machinery manufacturing co., LTD., an interview, just to help new building materials company in huaibei city, anhui province day chang-qing Chen, chairman of a line and yancheng jeddah machinery manufacturing co., LTD., conclude a contract for the classifier, after the signing ceremony, reporters in shun-ming zhu office with chang-qing Chen, chairman of chatting, when a reporter asked: "yancheng so many manufacturer of classifier, why do you only choose the jeddah products?" Chairman Chen spoke the opening paragraph to reporters without thinking.

    Chairman Chen changqing's heartfelt words are not only his own monologue, but also reflect users' affirmation of zhu shunming and yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Run an enterprise, choose a product, what can compare the affirmation of the user more happy, more gratified? User's praise is the real praise, "god" affirmation is the real success.

    Below, let's take a look at a few short stories to see how "god" affirmed and evaluated zhu shunming and jeddah's products.

    One story: "from today on, I will vigorously promote your powder selecting machine."

    In 2008, after the merger and acquisition of jiangsu xuzhou gold tower cement grinding co., LTD., general manager dong zhihong, who attached great importance to the technical progress of the enterprise, first made technical transformation of the grinding system. The diameter of the new machine was 3.2 13m

    Of cement mill. In the discussion of new mill with open process or closed process, internal opinions vary, the pros and cons. < / p > < p > accidentally, dong zhihong from the China building materials newspaper to see an article entitled "let the user continue to benefit" reflects the product situation of yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Report, they came to yancheng, with zhu shunming talked all night. During the conversation, zhu shunming introduced the development trend of cement pulverization to him in detail and elaborated the comparison of the current pulverization process at home and abroad. He suggested that he adopt the closed circuit high fine pulverization process, namely, adopt the high-efficiency eddy current separator and high-efficiency internal screening technology to achieve high quality and high yield.

    This talk through the night, dong zhihong not only accepted zhu shunming's advice, but also identified zhu shunming's character and technology, decided to cooperate with zhu shunming for technical transformation. However, when he went back to xuzhou to tell his counterparts about the technical reform contract signed with zhu shunming, many people doubted and laughed at him, thinking it was impossible.

    Dong zhihong in order to prove that he did not see people wrong, prudent, he personally led the team to jeddah company user place to investigate. After the investigation, more firm his confidence in the selection of jedda products, and said to zhu shunming: "I have identified you as a person, even if it is wrong.

    After 2 months, the first technical reform achieved initial results. The output gradually increased from 80t /h to over 90t /h, and the comprehensive power consumption of grinding was 22k w /h /t

    Or less. Then implement the second step plan, roll crushing before grinding. At that time, dong zhihong chose the products and technology of a well-known institute in China, but the output only increased by a few tons, hovering around 95t /h, and this well-known institute believes that the output has reached the domestic advanced level, the previous output is not true, there is doubt about the powder separator of jeddah company. At this time dong zhihong did not believe, called zhu shunming for help. Zhu shunming rushed to the site immediately to balance the mill system, good equipment and good process support, a week later, the boot, suddenly increased the output to more than 125t /h, the whole plant a boiling, for zhu shunming to create a diameter of 3.2 13m cement mill output new record and cheers. At this time, dong zhihong with a trembling voice excitedly said: "zhu, from today on, I want to vigorously promote your powder selecting machine.

    Story 2: "we have to help them!"

    In March 2009, yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. received a call from yunnan malong county tianheng cement factory, asking them to send a relatively good technical engineer to see the cement grinding system, to see if there is a way to transform.

    Then zhu shunming came to the factory with an engineer's card. He set foot on yunnan land for the first time in his life and was deeply moved by the simplicity, kindness and respect for knowledge of his ethnic minority compatriots. When zhu shunming learned that tianheng cement factory was funded by some minority brothers and built with bank loans, and is the largest industrial enterprise in the region, he had a strong desire to help them. When he learned that these honest and simple ethnic minority compatriots many times by some illegal manufacturers and fake technology companies deceive, often cheated, resulting in a diameter of 3.2 13m grinding machine with roller pressure, the output of only 45t /h, the heart secretly determined: "must help them do well."

    Driven by the idea that "we must help them do well", zhu shunming lived and ate on site alone, extracting process parameters day and night, and surveying and mapping on site. A week later, a complete set of technical scheme was developed. The backward open-circuit process was transformed into closed-circuit high-fine process, and the high-efficiency eddy current separator was installed. The target output was determined to be 70t /h. The factory was underfunded and paid only a small prepayment. After the equipment was installed, zhu shunming personally led the team to the site for technical guidance. The yield has doubled, and now it has stabilized at around 100t /h.

    One year after zhu shunming succeeded in upgrading the technology of tianheng cement factory, the people in the factory knew that he was the boss of jeddah company. The employees took him by the hand and kept saying, "you are our benefactor. Jeddah is the best equipment manufacturer with the best product quality, service and leadership we have ever met.

    Story 3: "award" you a powder separator

    In April 2009, sheng Ming, general manager of production of lushe cement co., LTD., a subsidiary of China building materials group nanfang cement, visited jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. in yancheng to seek solutions to the problems of low output and unstable quality of two 3.2 11m cement mills owned by the company. After technical communication and demonstration with zhu shunming, they decided to try a high efficiency vortex separator produced by jeddah.

    Due to the time constraints of the other side, the on-site renovation must be completed within a week. Zhu shunming personally, the first as required soon after the transformation, production increased by 40%, power consumption by 30%. When the quality is stable, the chairman of the board of the company will immediately make a decision to transform the second line, but zhu shunming is required to complete it in the current month, and proposes a reward of 5,000 yuan per day if the construction period is advanced, and a penalty of 5,000 yuan per day if the construction period is delayed. Results zhu shunming lived up to the expectations and completed the second transformation task as scheduled according to the contract, achieving the same satisfactory effect as the first one. At this time, the chairman of the green she cement company happily said to zhu shunming: "Mr. Zhu, I still want to reward you, just award you a powder concentrator, you put the o-s e p a machine back, for your research, for other customers for on-site comparison, it is a teaching AIDS.

    Like the above user positive examples, in the entrepreneurial process of zhu shunming too numerous to mention. Users are certainly the market's best pass. Facts have proved that yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. under the leadership of zhu shunming, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, independent research and development of high-efficiency eddy current separator, for the national energy saving and emission reduction and our powder separation technology to surpass foreign products made a contribution.

    The yancheng jeddah machinery manufacturing co., LTD. R&d manufacturing efficient vortex classifier has large and medium-sized mines at home and abroad and the vast majority of cement enterprises get promotion and application, especially by China building materials group, China sinoma group, used by big companies such as lafarge group, sinoma tianshan cement company fully implementing its broken choose powder before and after the grinding powder of double selection process, the efficient vortex classifier to determine for a given product. I believe that zhu shunming and the excellent team he leads will surely make greater achievements in the future journey, constantly adding light and color to the national industry, and at the same time, writing their own greater glory in life.