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  • Zhu shunming: to create an efficient roller mill ball mill
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:54  Classification:Company News
  • Zhu shunming: to create an efficient roller mill ball mill combined grinding system

    At present, the combined grinding system composed of roller press and ball mill has become a mature grinding process widely adopted by domestic cement manufacturers due to its characteristics of stable cement output, quality, moderate energy consumption and high system operation rate. It is precisely because of the maturity of this process system, high recognition of cement enterprises, the operation efficiency has been relatively stable for many years, it is difficult to have a major breakthrough. But yancheng jeddah machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "jeddah company") on the basis of summarizing the grinding work experience for many years, the use of roller press and ball mill combined grinding process are analyzed in systematic study found that the roller press system of qualified fine powder and isolated from into the grinding materials into finished products, can greatly improve the finished product production, at the same time, improve the operation condition of the ball mill, and thus enhanced the production of ball mill.

    A few days ago, a major breakthrough was made in the reform project of roller press ball mill "double closed circuit combined grinding system" of 5000t/d production line of kuqa branch of tianshan stock undertaken by jeddah company. By adopting the jeddah company research and development of roller press system half grinding process, tianshan co kuqa branch Φ 4.2 * 13 m cement grinding system output from 250 t to 350 t/h/h. After nearly a year of stable operation, the quality of finished cement door products has been fully recognized by the factory, the news has aroused great concern in the industry as soon as it was announced, chairman zhu shunming of jedda company accepted the exclusive interview of China cement network to analyze the system.

    Jeddah roller press semi - final grinding system hit a record high

    Shun-ming zhu told reporters, tianshan co kuqa cement branch 5000 t/d production line, cement grinding system with Φ 1.8 * 1.2 m supporting roller press + 4.2 * 13 Φ combined grinding system composed of ball mill. Before the technical reform, the production capacity of this grinding system is 250t/h, so the production efficiency is still at a good level in China. However, zhu shunming found after investigation that if the technical reform of jeddah is carried out, the production efficiency of this production line can be improved to a large extent. At that time, Yang zhaoqi, President of tianshan group, who was also the group leader of technical innovation team of kuqa pulverization station, decided to carry out technical transformation of the project according to the plan after investigating and recognizing the technical strength and technical innovation plan of jeddah company.

    In May 2012, jeddah company for the production line for two weeks of installation, modification, June 10 system linkage on trial production, the new ball mill grinding medium Φ 4.2 * 13 m loading capacity is only 75%, the system output is 290 t/h. After several calibrations, combined with the startup time and cement inventory accounting, the average output of the grinding system reached 30t/h.

    But the surprise was clearly more than that. After a period of operation, the output of the combined grinding system consisting of roller press and ball mill reached a record high of 350t/h after adding the grinding body load according to the standard. At present, the system has been running steadily for more than one year, and both the increase of system output and the quality of finished cement have been fully recognized by the manufacturer.

    The technical reform of the system brings not only the increase of output, but also the decrease of power consumption of the system by more than 20% (6kw/t is calculated based on the annual output of 350t/h for 300 days, and the average comprehensive electricity charge is calculated based on 0.6 yuan/KWH, saving more than 9 million yuan per year.

    According to zhu shunming, the total investment for the technical renovation of the grinding system is 1.2 million yuan, and the output is 350t/h when the background is transformed. Compared with the same scale production line in tianshan group, the output is more than 100t/h, and the cement power consumption is lower than 25kwh/t.

    Focus on the separator, do fine products, do excellent service

    Seven or eight years ago, jedda company, which was still an obscure powder separator company, has become a leader in the powder separator industry after several years of development. What is the secret that allows jeddah to grow rapidly from a newborn in the field of powder extractors to an industry leader in the field of powder extractors? Making specialty products may be the key to jeddah's success.

    "It is not good for a company to be involved in all kinds of products," zhu said. Powder separator is like the carburetor of the car, the car's efficiency depends on it. Although the separator is auxiliary machine is not the host, but also the core components of cement production line. Zhu shunming founded jedda company, from the very beginning of the business orientation is very clear: specialized research, development, manufacturing, development of cement grinding system technical transformation urgently needed mechanical equipment, powder separator is the main direction of attack and leading products.

    As China's building materials auxiliary equipment center, jedda company in yancheng has a large number of powder concentrator, drying equipment, dust removal equipment and other product-oriented enterprises. In the case of economic depression, many enterprises in order to expand the profit point, often expand the coverage of products, powder separator, dust remover, dryer and other fields. However, it is also because of this phenomenon, often give a person an illusion, it seems that this product does not have what technical content, the threshold of entry are very low, resulting in the production of these products more and more enterprises, enterprises of different sizes, the market competition is quite fierce, product quality is uneven.

    Zhu shunming always adheres to the principle of "never save cost on quality". A few years ago, he once received a technical renovation project. A local cement enterprise in southwest China was cheated by bad merchants and the output of the grinding system was very low, which seriously affected the economic benefits of the enterprise and resulted in serious losses. Jeddah took over the project at the time, with a sense of having been given the benefit of the doubt. However, under zhu shunming's personally leads the team, the entire project technical transformation finally. Increased the production of the whole system by 100%. At the same time, it is based on the trust in the excellent technology and service of jeddah company that the boss of the company finally became very good friends with zhu shunming.

    Our products are not only the best in manufacturing, but also the best in sales and service. According to zhu shun introduction, the salesperson of jeddah company is technician almost, engineer, have certain working experience in cement factory, as a result whole company is purest salesperson is not much actually, far less than other colleague company. In zhu shunming's words, "since going out is to represent the image of the company, if you can't represent the technical level of the company, it is better not to go."

    Despite full confidence in its technology and products, jeddah has always maintained a positive attitude in after-sales service. According to introducing, the product quality warranty period of jeddah company is 2 years time, in this period, jeddah company is in after receiving customer phone to complain or help request, the client unit inside 1000 kilometers, jeddah company asks oneself after service personnel must be in place inside 24 hours, exceed 1000 kilometers inside 48 hours must be in place. Although according to the experience of jeddah, many customer complaints are not about the quality of jeddah's products, but "the first time to the scene," in zhu shunming's opinion, jeddah must have the attitude.

    Determined to create "the best powder separator in China"

    Zhu shunming was born in jiangsu yancheng an ordinary farmer family, educational background is not high, entrepreneurship is less than ten years, what trick let him in just a few years to achieve such a big performance? Zhu shunming Shared his thoughts on the "three stages" of career development.

    The first stage, hard work, steadfast work. Zhu shunming said, when the first thing they do far behind people, "don't look forward" - don't care too much about the distance with the advanced. Because if too care about "look forward", too care about the gap with others, the pressure will be very big, it is likely that there is no way to continue to go on. This time, hard work, step by step forward, to do solid things is the best way. "Once we get there, we look up and we realize we've caught up. "

    The second stage, the situation, I have a superior. When and others level, the same starting point, it is necessary to understand the opponent, see the situation, will do better. "Look at where the gaps are and how we can do better so we can get ahead of everyone else."

    The third stage, always alert, adhere to progress. When the industry has become advanced, it is necessary to look back from time to time: "look at the people behind the chase, we will know, can never stop.

    Dream is the best teacher. "Build the best powder selecting machine in China" has always been zhu shunming's dream and his goal since the beginning of his business.

    In the process of development, jeddah has been actively cooperating with colleges and universities in scientific research, and has maintained close cooperation with nanjing university of technology and yancheng institute of technology. Every year, jeddah provides a large amount of financial support for university professors and students to carry out research and development, test and product design, etc., which on the one hand promotes the development of theory and practice in colleges and universities, and on the other hand, jeddah also officially promotes its own continuous progress by virtue of this mode of "combination of production, study and research".

    Now, zhu shunming has already entered the "third stage" of his career development, standing at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of powder separator. Following the requirements of the development of cement industry and technical progress, jedda company has developed new products continuously, and the products have been praised for their application effect. According to him, jeddah's products are not only widely used in domestic cement enterprises, but also exported to more than 10 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

    In the case of market economic depression and shrinking product profit margins, enterprises must constantly reduce costs through technological transformation. Zhu shunming said, in the past, most cement plants have focused on the kiln system, but often pay little attention to the grinding system. Because grinding energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the total cement production, it has become an important direction for cement enterprises to improve technology. However, an efficient separator has a great influence on the efficiency improvement of the whole grinding system.

    It is zhu shunming's dream to build the best powder separator in China. Then what kind of powder separator is the best? There is no best, only better. Zhu shunming interprets this dream with his continuous efforts and active innovation. Perhaps the output data of 350t/h of the combined roller mill and ball mill system can prove -- the dream is within reach!