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  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
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  • Yancheng jedda separator deserves its reputation
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:66  Classification:Company News
  • Yancheng jedda separator deserves its reputation

    -- -- from the practice of xuzhou golden tower cement company to see the new breakthrough of jeddah technology

    Yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., LTD., as the most influential Chinese cement machinery enterprise in 2007, has been taking it as its own duty to revitalize national industry and serve the country, and constantly exploring and advancing in the kingdom of cement powder separator. Recently, the exciting news came from jiangsu xuzhou golden tower cement pulverizer co., LTD., they used yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co.

    The achievement of jedda high efficiency swirl separator in the production practice of xuzhou shwedagon cement company and the high level created in the field of powder separator are very encouraging and inspiring. This achievement has not come easily.

    In April this year, xuzhou shinja cement grinding co., LTD. Newly installed a 3.2 13m cement grinding mill, after the introduction of the company's chairman dong zhihong personally led the company's technical backbone to go out to inspect the powder separator. When dong zhihong and his party came to jeddah company for investigation, they had a detailed exchange with manager zhu of jeddah company on technical issues related to cement grinding. When talking about the main reason of cement strength decline, manager zhu thought that cement strength decline, sometimes is not the quality of clinker is poor, low strength, but the cement grinding fineness is coarse, particle size distribution is not reasonable. The specific surface area of foreign cement is generally controlled at 360m2/kg~370m2/kg, while that of most Chinese cement enterprises is only 300m2/kg~320m2/kg. If the specific surface area of cement increases from 300m2/kg to 360m2/kg, the compressive strength of cement for 3 days and 28 days can generally be increased by 2MPa and 5MPa~6MPa, respectively. Thus it can be seen that increasing the specific surface area of cement can fully excavate the early strength of cement and increase the incorporation of mixed materials, which plays a positive role in improving product quality and reducing production cost for enterprises... In order to improve the specific surface area of cement, reduce energy consumption and increase output, the current better way is to engage in closed circuit grinding. Then, manager zhu and the guest on the high efficiency swirl type separator technical characteristics of further communication and analysis.

    Through communication, dong zhihong has developed a strong interest in jedda Sepax efficient swirl separator. Immediately, dong zhihong accompanied by the technical personnel of jeddah company, conducted a detailed survey of the production site of jeddah company, and fully affirmed the production requirements and standardization of jeddah company's products. Dong zhihong and jida company accompanied by personnel also came to the use of the powder separator unit - zhejiang linghu sanshi group company conducted a field trip. Zhejiang ling lake three lions group company production department huang warmly received them. When they learned that the company used two of jeddah's powder selecting machines, dong zhihong's face beamed with satisfaction. He said to manager zhu, as long as jeddah company can ensure that the price of the separator is reasonable, in the case of no crushing, no roller press, grinding machine output reached 80t, cement specific surface area reached 360m2/kg, immediately signed the contract. "The facts will prove that we can do better," said zhu.

    Just do it. After the contract was signed, the technical personnel of jeddah company came to xuzhou golden tower cement company the next day to understand the site, and provided them with the process diagram, equipment basic diagram and other relevant technical data, ready to install the preparatory work, catch up with the production. All the preparations are going on in good order.

    In July, the equipment of the new line was put in place one after another and quickly entered the stage of installation and commissioning. The site service technicians of jeddah company guided the installation on site, enabling the workers of xuzhou golden tower cement company to easily master the operation, use and maintenance of the equipment during the installation process, laying a foundation for the normal use in the future.

    By the end of August, all the equipment was in place and everything was ready. August 30 officially started trial production, 50 tons, 60 tons, 70 tons...... Jeddah technicians were on hand for several days. When dong zhihong learned that Taiwan production has reached 85t, he smiled again. However, the results did not satisfy jeddah. On the second day, technicians of jeddah company adjusted the ball allocation in the warehouse again, and the output reached 90t and the specific surface area reached about 400m2/kg. This is a group of very eye-catching, exciting figures, because it is in the grinding without roll, crushing under the situation.

    To achieve such a result is with all the technical staff of jeddah over the years of production practice, continuous research and development, innovation, the spirit of excellence is inseparable. Through its efforts, jeddah has made new breakthroughs in cement machinery and equipment, and gradually transited from technology introduction and manufacturing to digestion and innovation, thus further proving that jeddah's grinding technology has reached the advanced level in the same industry in China.