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  • Zhu shunming's jeddah dream (3)
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:86  Classification:Company News
  • Innovation is the inexhaustible power to enlarge dreams

    The ultimate dream of the realization of the people, is by one dream after another constantly enlarged, and finally condensed into a great dream.

    Zhu shunming is one of those people who constantly magnify their dreams and realize their great dreams on the road of life.

    A person and an enterprise are the same, must continue to explore the way forward, continuous innovation, in order to continue to progress. For a high-tech enterprise with a hit product, we should continue to adhere to scientific innovation, so as to continue to grow and lead the way.

    After years of practice and profound understanding of cement technology and equipment, zhu shunming started new research and exploration in 2011 and continued to seek new breakthroughs in scientific research. At this time, he focused on the semi-finished grinding technology.

    On the basis of summing up years of experience in pulverization, zhu shunming made a systematic analysis and research on the combined pulverization process of roller mill and ball mill based on the fact that roller mill and ball mill are commonly used in the pulverization system of cement enterprises in China. After analysis and research, found that in the rolling system, material after roller press strong extrusion, again after early V classifier classification, meal still back roller press, powder after cyclone tube collection directly feeding ball mill, and this part into the grinding powder contains a large number of qualified under 30 microns and fine powder, the powder in the mill and qualified form "material", which reduces the ball mill grinding efficiency and produce the serious phenomenon of grinding.

    Therefore, separating the qualified fine powder produced in the roller pressing system from the grinded material and feeding it into the finished product can greatly improve the quality of the finished product and improve the working condition of the ball mill, thus increasing the output of the ball mill. Zhu shunming defined this technology as semi-final grinding technology.

    When zhu shunming succeeded in the research of semi-finished grinding technology, he began to look for customers and partners in China's large cement groups. He wanted to make his semi-finished grinding technology bloom and bear fruit in the new dry process production line of large cement groups.

    There is no shortage of people with good sense in the world. In the summer of 2011, not long after zhu shunming's semi final grinding technology was launched, his technology was seen by China materials tianshan co., LTD. Kucha cement branch in xinjiang.

    As is known to all, sinoma tianshan co., ltd. is the most competitive and best managed cement enterprise among the top 12 large cement groups in China, which is located in the westernmost part of the country. Zhu shunming's semi - final grinding technology was first seen by sinoma tianshan shares, the in the mind do not mention how happy.

    Subsequently, chairman Yang zhaoqi of south xinjiang business department of sinoma tianshan co., ltd. came to yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. for investigation with the group's technical reform subject. Yang zhaoqi, 18 years old and a cement worker in xinjiang, and his delegation carefully investigated four schemes provided by yancheng jedda machinery manufacturing co., ltd. and decided on the spot that zhu shunming's third scheme should be used in the production line grinding system with 5,000 tons of materials per day produced by sinoma tianshan co., LTD. Kuqa branch.

    The third solution provided by zhu shunming is to connect the original v-type separator in series to a special high-efficiency eddy current separator, and then conduct a precise separation of the fine material after V selection. The coarse powder is fed into the ball mill, and the fine powder with particle size below 30 m is collected and sent into the finished product by a follow-up cyclone.

    After careful examination and approval of the scheme, it was unanimously agreed that zhu shunming provided this scheme with high feasibility, strong operability, low investment and low risk. However, in the program evaluation, chengdu institute proposed that the original roller press system had a circulation of 250000m /n, and the air pressure provided by the circulating fan was 3500Pa. It required that the newly added high-efficiency eddy current separator should not produce more than 1000Pa resistance to the system, and the powder concentration accuracy K value should be more than 0.90. Because the roller semi-final pulverizer system of the above two kinds of powder concentrators still sends the selected "fine powder" to the ball mill for pulverization, it cannot meet the requirements of system technical reform. Therefore, zhu shunming carried out a low-resistance design for the vortex separator used in the semi-final pulverizer system, and finally made the pressure loss of the separator system less than 800Pa.

    In May 2012, zhu shunming will gather the wisdom and sweat of all the employees of jedda company to transport the technical renovation equipment to the technical renovation site of kuqa, xinjiang. After two weeks' careful arrangement and trial run, the system started joint trial production on June 10th. In Φ 4.2 x 13 m new ball mill grinding medium loading capacity is only 75%, the system output reached 290 t/h.

    Interestingly, the pot exploded, and the crowd was so stunned by the astronomical result that no one believed it was real. Because at that time, if the mill of the same size of the general domestic production line was normally produced at full load, the output would be about 250t/h.

    All of a sudden there's a 290t/h yield, and I don't believe it's true. So, all the people present were busy, some to proofread the scale, some to proofread the data, the result is no problem. But people still do not believe, immediately stop the machine to inventory the amount of cement. After careful inspection, it was found that the output was not 290t/h, but 300t/h. At this time the people understand, or zhu shunming's equipment and technology to make success. Later, after the operation of the new mill for a period of time, the output of the combined grinding system composed of roller press and ball mill reached more than 350t/h after adding the grinding body load of the mill according to the standard, which created a new historical record.

    Zhu shunming's semi-final grinding technology and technology are perfectly reflected in the new dry cement production line with a daily output of 5000 tons in the kuch cement branch of sinoma tianshan co., LTD., which has made a great breakthrough and disturbed the ups and downs of sinoma tianshan co., LTD. Half a year later, in the month of sinoma tianshan, all the branch companies in the system were called to kuqa to hold the on-site meeting to promote jeddah semi-final grinding technology and technology, highly appraised and affirmed zhu shunming's semi-final grinding technology, and decided to promote this technology in the whole system of sinoma tianshan co., LTD.

    God always favors those who are constantly climbing new heights and making new achievements. Zhu shunming kept pace with The Times and made constant research and exploration in the field of cement grinding. He was first loved by the generous people in northwest China and blossomed in the northwest of China. His technology has made great contributions to the energy conservation and emission reduction of China's cement industry and technological progress. Zhu shunming himself realized his dream of jeddah while making contributions to the cement industry in China.