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  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
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  • Cement Price Rises, Pay Attention to Building Material Plate
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:91  Classification:Industry News
  • This week, building materials plate gradually out of the bottom, Jinyu shares, Jidong cement and other stocks in the forefront of the list. Tongli cement, China glass fiber and other varieties also have the trend of upward movement of the center of gravity in the shock.

    For cement and other building materials stocks, although downstream demand has fallen in recent years, due to the improvement of management efficiency and integration within the industry, profitability still maintains an upward trend. For example, the dynamic P/E ratio of Jiangxi cement and Jinyu shares is less than 10 times.

    Nowadays, new policy hotspots appear frequently in the market, which endows building materials stocks with new energy of recovery in valuation, such as the establishment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle, which makes the market have more optimistic expectations for building materials stocks located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle. New capital has been pouring into eastern Hebei cement, Jinyu shares and other stocks.

    More importantly, the development trend of the industry is still conducive to the building materials industry. First, in recent years, the policy support for energy-saving building materials is increasing, which is also one of the factors that keep the market demand of China's energy-saving building materials stocks such as glass fiber. Second, the trend of industry merger and acquisition integration continues. China's glass fibers, new materials in North China, conch cement and Eastern Hebei cement have become regional or national leaders through mergers and acquisitions. Third, we should eliminate backward production capacity and weaken the market supply of industries. The policy of maintaining growth and the local government's investment in infrastructure make the demand for cement remain stable, and the price of products naturally rises. In the near future, the information of cement price rising steadily in North China, East China and other regions has been transmitted again.

    Specifically, the building materials industry can pay attention to the varieties with high performance elasticity. First, regional or industry leaders, such as Jinyu shares, conch cement, Jiangxi cement, China glass fiber and so on. Second, the merger and reorganization of the expected more intense varieties, such as Lili Cement. The construction materials stocks in Xinjiang, such as western building materials and Qingsong Jianhua, can also be tracked because the infrastructure construction in Xinjiang is still in the initial stage of its start-up, and there is still a large room for optimism in the future.