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  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
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  • Production, manufacturing, design combined to achieve three
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:32  Classification:Company News
  • A case study of a new double closed circuit pulverization process in a grinding station. Is the original process, materials approved by roller press broken again after the v-shaped classifier will have 40% of more than 80 mu m sieve into the cement mill, will lead to the occurrence of a grinding, in order to avoid the phenomenon of grinding, the selection of the V after the fine powder and then to choose powder, will eventually in the coarse powder directly into the mill, improve the efficiency of the grinding mill, and also improves the ZongGeTai when production.

    Yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is a private technology enterprises, the main products are grinding, powder selection, roller press, dust removal equipment. It has a history of 28 years. As a mechanical manufacturing enterprises or have their own characteristics of products, or according to the map processing and manufacturing. The advantage lies in the close relationship with many manufacturers who use the equipment, and will make great efforts to understand the problems or deficiencies in the use of the equipment, and the faults that are prone to occur in the operation process. The use that mentions here also included to maintain, whether maintenance and repair are simple, whether all sorts of consumption are little, cost is low. The advantages of machinery manufacturing enterprises are also reflected in machining and assembly. Owing to the wide range of equipment available, a large amount of first-hand data has been acquired and accumulated.

    Tianshan stock kuqa cement grinding station is an enterprise that directly produces cement products. And all kinds of equipment problems or defects found in production are the continuous "food" for equipment manufacturers to improve equipment.

    The combination of manufacturing companies and equipment manufacturing companies is a perfect combination, because the combination can achieve complementary advantages. In the market economy environment, production enterprises should constantly improve quality and reduce consumption, improve product market competitiveness, and provide high-quality and cheap products for the society. Equipment manufacturers are to constantly improve the performance of equipment, production enterprises to provide more cost-effective equipment.

    In the formulation and implementation of the powder milling process plan of kuqa, the owner is always in the main position, and the group's vice President Yang zhaoqi is the group leader of the technical improvement group of kuqa powder milling station. After data collection, interview and demonstration, the technical innovation team scientifically determined the new process plan. The scheme formulation will also involve the change of the original design content. As the owner can fully respect the opinion of the design unit, the design unit will participate in the formulation of the scheme. This ensures that the change of milling process does not affect the smooth and optimized process flow of the production line, and the overall project remains reasonable and reliable.

    The new double closed circuit pulverization technology example adopted in kuqa cement pulverization station is the enlightenment that the combination of production enterprise, equipment manufacturing enterprise and design (research) unit is the accurate way to improve the cement technology level. In this way, not only the formulation of the program is more in line with the objective law, but also the program has the guarantee of practice. The scheme is verified through practice. Through the verification, the three parties can get the key points from which they need to improve, so as to further improve their own level. It can be called "win-win-win". However, if the design unit is in the main position of the project, it is likely to return to the one-sided old way of "the design unit is the gatekeeping of 'the state'" in the planned economy period, which may not be very dynamic in terms of the improvement of technical level.