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  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jida machinery manufacture co.,ltd.
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  • Jedda swirl separator is popular in the market
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:74  Classification:Company News
  • Yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of building materials and equipment. The leading product of the company, Sepax high-efficiency eddy current separator, has been sought after by the market since it was put on the market. It has become the preferred product for technical transformation of cement enterprises, mainly because it has eight advantages over traditional separator.

    First, advanced classification principle. This machine adopts o-sepax classification principle (i.e., eddy current classification area composed of guide vane and cage rotor), designs classification area, effectively separates dispersion and (separation) area, greatly improves the dispersion of materials, and reduces the load of main classification area and the mutual interference of materials. The optimal design of the whole flow field was carried out by using the aerodynamic analysis method, so that the gas flow field on the surface of the grading ring was uniform and stable, and the relative error of the air flow at any place was less than 5%, which created conditions for accurate grading.

    Second, good performance and high efficiency. The machine is divided into three parts, that is, coarse powder (d > 150 m), medium coarse powder (60 m < d < 150 m) and fine powder. The coarse ions in the mixed powder are pre-separated by the first-stage powder separation, and the three-stage precise powder separation is completed in the annular space formed by the guide blade and the cage rotor. Because the coarse particles are pre-separated and the interference of coarse particles is excluded, the classification accuracy is high and the separation efficiency is high.

    Third, the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is obvious. The equipment system adopts the streamline design, which can significantly reduce the system resistance, select the internal circulation of the flow of powder, fine powder collection can only use efficient cyclone tube, without the need to configure a large air box pulse dust collector, not only reduce the system power consumption, but also reduce the investment cost and maintenance cost, energy saving and consumption is very obvious.

    Four is fineness adjustment easy, as long as the change of rotor rotational speed can control the fineness of finished product in 250 ~ 500 ㎡ / ㎏ Bertrand within specific surface area.

    Fifth, the ability to choose powder. The diameter of Sepax high efficiency eddy current separator is 1.9 ~ 4.75m, and the corresponding powder selecting capacity is 25 ~ 300t/h.

    Six is adaptive. Sepax efficient vortex classifier compact bodies, narrow shape, and material can be multi-stage separation, and strong adaptability, can be used for any grinding equipment of grinding system, grinding system is very suitable for the open flow into a circle flow grinding system, more suitable for the transformation of ordinary classifier, especially roller press half finishing grinding and grinding system, and make them form the best match.

    Seven is the long service life. The wear-resistant parts of the powder separator, such as graded bulk tray, cyclone cone snail Angle guide blade and rotor graded blade, are made of wear-resistant materials or anti-wear process, and their wear rate is very low. The new type plywood is used as inner lining to extend the service life of the separator.

    Eighth, the effective improvement cement quality. Because efficient vortex classifier Sepax choose powder with high efficiency, high precision and reduce the phenomenon of material before grinding, narrow particle size distribution of products, reasonable gradation composition, increased the subtle Finn content in cement, 3 ~ 30 microns of fine powder content is above 65%, and less than 3 microns particles content accounts for only about 5%, thus improve the cement strength.